We couldn’t have been more excited when we received an eager phone call from the Greg (the groom’s brother), asking us to capture his wedding coming up in 3 weeks! Then we received a call 2 days later from his twin brother Mike, who just so happened to be getting married the week before Greg and also wanted to book. Since my wife is also a twin, we felt a special connection to these two right away and looked forward to shooting their special day only a week apart.

We arrived at Kristin’s home the day of the wedding while her and her bridesmaids were getting ready and enjoying the day with the bride to be. We met Kristin’s wonderful family as they reminisced with family that flew in from out state. After we spent time capturing these treasured moments at the bride’s house we set off on short drive to Christ Church of the Valley.

It always brings a smile to my face when I hear the groomsman telling jokes to keep the groom’s nerves at ease on his wedding day…and these guys were some of the best.

The ceremony was also one to remember. It began just as sun was setting and the lighting was perfect. The reception was simple and nice. A perfect compliment to a sweet couple. We hope you enjoy!

– T