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Too often we see videos that are simply listing off facts and data - and because they do not engage us, we click away. But every once in awhile, there is something that draws us in. Something captures our attention, and suddenly we feel we have been transported into someone else’s reality. We may find ourselves laughing out loud, or perhaps overcome with emotion as tears stream down our cheeks.

THAT is the power of a story.

Whether we are sharing the story of a company or product, the story of how someone’s life has been impacted, or a couple’s love story, we believe storytelling is the most powerful form of communication. And a great story has the power to reach out and change us deep down, all the way to our core.

That's why we use cinematography to leverage the power of storytelling by creating videos that are not only effective, but captivating.

Why “Sula”?

When someone watches or hears a story, there is an area of the brain that is activated. This area is referred to as the insular cortex. The insular cortex searches for ways to help us relate to the story by finding a similar experience of pain, joy, etc.

So when we were looking to rebrand our business, we researched what storytelling does to the brain and stumbled on this word: insula. When we shortened the word to “sula” we decided it was a perfect fit.

We really connect with the word Sula and love that it is a reflection of our overall belief in the power of storytelling and it’s ability to affect us.

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Todd Mowen

Todd Mowen

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