‘Me’ Series Bumpers // Sun Valley Community Church in Gilbert, AZ

We had a blast creating these fun short segments to promote a new series for Sun Valley Community Church in Gilbert, AZ. It started with just an idea to create a series of videos that would highlight some first world problems. We loved this idea and from that wrote a script/outline and hired comedic actors for the shoot.

Through some referrals, we reached out to the amazing people at Dearing Acting Studio (dearingstudio.com) and they helped connect us with Shapel Lacey and Noelle Coover.

Noelle & Shapel truly brought our concept to life, and it was fun experimenting with them different ways to make each segment funnier and funnier. I felt bad asking Noelle to drop a phone on her […]

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Should I have video on my website?

Should I have video on my website

It is amazing to watch how quickly technological and social advances change our culture. It was not too long ago when having a website and being on social media were the “things to do” to succeed online.

As we shared in a recent blog post, the attention span of the average adult is only 8.25 seconds! This is evident in how people now spend the majority of their time – quickly scrolling over images in their Instagram feed, swiping through FlipBoard, and turning to their phone during TV commercials.

We are visual. For most, we prefer images, infographics and […]

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Why 2017 is the Year for Video Marketing [infographic]

2017 The Year Of Video Marketing

Video took huge leaps in 2016. It was amazing to watch how new social media platforms with a core focus on video became successful overnight, and how existing platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram deeply integrated video into their framework.

We also followed the statistics that showed video being used more frequently every day, especially by mobile users.

Everything that happened in 2016 is leading up to 2017 being an important year for video marketing.

HighQ created the following infographic that illustrates why 2017 will be the year of video marketing. Take a look below to see how successful videos are in social media and learn about the rise of […]

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Wedding Promotional Video // The Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, AZ

The Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale AZ

The Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, AZ is truly a remarkable setting for any wedding. We have enjoyed every opportunity we have to work with The Phoenician and were so excited when they asked us to create a promotional video specifically for weddings. We decided to highlight the beautiful location, excellent service and wonderful guest experience offered at this luxury resort.

If you are looking for an amazing wedding venue, be sure to check out the below video and consider The Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, AZ.

You can learn more about The Phoenician Resort by visiting their website at http://www.thephoenician.com.

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Should I Use Video On Instagram?

Should I Use Video On Instagram

With more than 300 million daily active users, Instagram quickly became a global giant, with over 95 million photos & videos added daily!

Instagram quickly became a global giant, with over 95 million photos & videos added daily!

Instagram, who is owned by Facebook, is becoming more popular by the day, outpacing other know social sites like Twitter, Vine, and Snapchat.

I am often asked two questions:

1. Should I use Instagram?

Yes, the stats above should easily convince you of the need to be active on Instagram. It is a quickly growing platform with more users signing up […]

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The Power Of Training Videos

The Power of Training Videos

As businesses and brands begin to grow, it can become overwhelming to keep up!

You are hiring new employees.
You are launching new products.
You are improving communication to your customers.

All of this requires a lot of work! And, often, it requires the same work over and over.

Most of this repetitive work can be reduced to practically nothing by introducing training videos into your workflow!

Do you notice your customer support is routinely answering the same questions over and over, whether on the phone or by email, to your client base? This confusion can be due to a lack […]

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How to Start 2017 Strong with Video

Start 2017 Strong with Video

As we talked about in our recent blog post, 2017 is right around the corner!

Sure, we still have a couple of months left of 2016, but let’s be honest, those are filled with holiday celebrations, vacations and time with family. Before we all know it, we will be counting down the seconds to the new year!

Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, it is still October, but with all of the busy-ness of the remaining months of the year, it is important to start preparing now to kick off the new year with a bang.

January is a great month push your […]

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Stewardship Mortgage | Mortgage Broker vs Bank

Mortgage Broker vs Bank

“We created Stewardship to take a stand against financial injustice—to be a group of companies that can educate and guide people through mortgages, insurance, financial planning, and investments.” – Grant Botma, Stewardship

The above statement from Grant is a prime reason for why we love working alongside Stewardship. They genuinely care about their customers and desire the best possible outcome for their clients.

When Grant came to us with the idea of creating a video that would explain the difference between working with a mortgage broker vs. a bank, we were excited about the challenge and decided to highlight the three top differences below:

  • An easier loan process
  • More loan options
  • Lowest […]
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Planning Your 2017 Video Budget

Planning Your 2017 Video Budget

October is a big month for the dreaded word – BUDGETS. Budgets are time-consuming but highly recommended, because if you don’t have a plan for your money, your money won’t do anything to help you.

Budgets challenge you to think through your goals for the next set period of time (often 12 months), develop a plan to reach those goals, and provide an executable plan using the funds you have set aside to accomplish those goals.


The first step in building your video budget is to establish your goals for 2017. I encourage you to set aside a couple hours at a location with no distractions to really dream […]

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WebFronts Review™ – Retailer Web Services

WebFronts Review

There’s nothing better than partnering with a company for so long you are as invested in their success as they are. That’s the story behind our relationship with Retailer Web Services (RWS).

Jennie Gilbert & Jim Kane are the dynamic brother/sister duo behind RWS. We captured Jennie’s wedding several years ago, and since then we have had the honor of working together in creating captivating videos for their company.

RWS creates powerful and effective technology for independent retailers. Their technology gives small business retailers who own and operate appliance, furniture, & mattress stores the ability to compete with the big box stores. And not only do they create the technology, they truly care about […]

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2016 Holiday Video Ideas

2016 holiday videos

It is October. Which means it is almost November. Which also means it is practically the end of the year. Hard to believe, right? 2016 is quickly coming to an end.

With the end in sight, now is the time to begin planning your 2016 holiday video!

Holiday videos are a great way to say ‘Thank You’, celebrate what happened in the past year, and show love to your team, customers, investors, etc.

To help you prepare for the end of the year, we have compiled a list of holiday video ideas to jumpstart your brainstorming.

1. Happy Holidays

The ‘Happy Holidays’ greeting is the most common type of company holiday video card, wishing viewers good wishes […]

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Gates’ Family Story: Leaving a Legacy – Sun Valley Community Church

In preparing to capture this story, I went on Facebook to see what more I could learn about Butch Gates and his family. In doing so, I found a video posted by one of his children that was captured from his memorial service a few months ago.

As I sat at my desk and watched his memorial service, tears streamed down my face. I listened to his children share about a father who loved them passionately and made them his first priority. I heard about a man who knew his […]

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How Long Should My Videos Be?

video on my website?

A while back, a couple had booked us to capture their wedding so we were getting to know them better. I’ll never forget the conversation I had with the groom after asking him about proposing to his fiance. He told me he had created a video to use during the proposal. The moment he asked his girlfriend to watch it (who of course didn’t know he was about to propose to her), she told him she would only watch it because it was short.

I share this story because even though these two were in love, the girlfriend would have refused to watch a long video in […]

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Do I Need Video On My Website?

video on my website?

Video is a powerful tool. And the truth is, if you currently do not have video on your website, you need it on your website immediately, like yesterday.

Text content is what the Internet was originally built on, and it used to be sufficient. However, the Internet and culture of the Internet has changed.

People now want quick. They want engaging. They want visually stimulating.

They don’t want long pages of black text on a white background.

Video accomplishes these needs.

Video has the ability to keep users engaged and share information is a very quick manner. It has the ability to show your brand personality, and allow the user to experience your product or service in […]

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Zil & Neil Wedding Trailer – Monarch Beach Resort Wedding

We have had the privilege of capturing some of the most beautiful Indian weddings with some of the most amazing couples.

At one such wedding a while back, we had just captured a beautiful Indian wedding over 3 days and had worked tirelessly to create a Same Day Edit (SDE). After showing the Same Day Edit at the reception, we had the sweetest couple, Zil & Neil, approach us and share with us how much they loved the SDE we had just shown.

As […]

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Vimeo, YouTube or Facebook?

Vimeo, YouTube or Facebook?

There are many platforms available to post your video to, and it can be overwhelming to know which one is the best for your application.

We are here to help.

The quick answer – all of them.

Each of these three platforms, YouTube / Vimeo / Facebook, have benefits over the other platforms, and by posting your video to each of them, you are getting the combined results of all of them working together.

Let’s break them down.


Vimeo is a powerful and very professional platform. It is a great avenue to host your videos on, especially if you are sending proofs for others to view, or embedding videos into your website. They have very robust tools […]

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Is Online Video Growing?

Is online video growing header

Go to Facebook. Right now. Whether on your phone or on your computer. Once it opens, begin scrolling through your feed, and count how long it takes you to encounter a video. Most likely, within 5 seconds, you will scroll over a video. For me, I didn’t even have to scroll. The second item in my feed was a video.

It is incredible the rate at which online video is growing.

Cisco predicts that by 2017, video will make up over 69% of online traffic. According to eMarketer, consumers spent an average of 5.5 hours in front a screen watching video of some sort every day in 2015. Almost 25% of […]

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Is Video In Your Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategy?


“Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.” – Brightcove

Video has long been thought of as a ‘unique’ feature for a website, something left to those with large budgets, or even a technique that has been segmented to just TV. While video has been around for a long time, it has gained incredible momentum over recent years in the digital realm.

Video used in social media gets 1200% more shares than text and images combined? That is an incredible statistic, and it shows the impact that video has in today’s society.

USA Today recently reported that Facebook has an average of 8 billion daily video […]

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Nicolas’ Story – Sun Valley Community Church & Canyon State Academy

When Nicolas walked into the chapel the day of our video shoot, I was impressed at how he carried himself and how he looked me in the eyes as we talked. I knew enough of his story to know he had a really rough childhood, so I started with asking him questions about Canyon State Academy and what he loves about being there. He lit up as he shared about his passion for horses and becoming a barber.
Nicolas - Sun Valley[…]

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Why Sula Studios?

Sula Studios Rebrand

I’ve been producing videos since I was 16 – no joke. I was privileged to go to a high school where they had an amazing media production program, with arguably the best teacher too. Ken Keene was the sort of teacher that made each student believe they were capable of doing great things. He is an artist at heart and taught us how to focus on our work as if we were artists creating a masterpiece.

After my first class with Mr. Keene, I was hooked and ended up taking every media production class available. At some point, Mr. Keene encouraged me to enter two national film competitions. When I won first place at […]

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Best Marriage Proposal of 2015 – Jennifer & Dean’s Wedding Trailer

Jennifer & Dean share a love story that has literally gone viral. And I don’t mean that in a metaphorical sense. Dean knew very early into dating Jennifer that he wanted to marry her. But in talking with her, he knew she needed more time, and he also knew how much she loved countdowns. She literally had a countdown on her phone for most major events in her life.
So he put those two things together and spent the next 365 days secretly proposing to her by recording a few-second […]

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Jamie+Jeremy Wedding Trailer – An Ashley Castle Wedding

Jamie & Jeremy’s wedding is one I’ll always remember. I instantly fell in love with both of their dogs, who by the way they flew in all the way from Canada (where they are from). These two are obviously animal-lovers, but they are also lovers of life, and completely in love with each other.
As we got to know them, they shared of the struggles and hardships they have been through together, and how it has only made them grow closer and their relationship stronger. To me, THAT is […]

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Carol+Josh Wedding Trailer – Desert Foothills Wedding

Carol and Josh’s love story is far from typical. Their families met while travelling abroad – as Josh is from Australia and Carol is from the United States. Years later they reconnected as adults at Carol’s sister’s wedding, and they didn’t let distance or the fact that they lived thousands of miles apart keep them from falling in love. And after some time Carol decided to move to Australia to be with Josh – a testament to the true depth of their love.
Because Carol’s family lives in Scottsdale, they […]

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Anne+Brian Wedding Trailer

From first time meeting Anne and Brian, we knew their wedding day was going to be the bomb dot com. They have the best sense of humor (which Todd and I found it quite similar to our own sense of humor) so we pretty much constantly kept each other laughing.

And these two seriously know how to have a good time – I mean c’mon, they met in Vegas. And they are both amazing dancers. I suppose it may be partly because Anne is also a Zumba instructor, but I […]

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Mackenzie+Kevin Wedding Trailer

When Todd and I arrived at the Camelback Inn for Mackenzie and Kevin’s wedding, we noticed several guests standing and staring up into some trees on property. We also heard the loud chirping of birds, and walked over with our gear to see what had everyone so intrigued.
As we looked up, we saw hundreds of the most beautiful lovebirds throughout the trees’ branches. We immediately began filming and Todd captured two lovebirds that seemed completely in love with one another. I couldn’t help but think about Mackenzie […]

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Corey+Scott Wedding Trailer

I love the gift Scott gave Corey on their wedding day. Corey had collected all of the cards Scott had ever given to her, and somehow Scott found her secret stash. He stole them (without her knowing) prior to the wedding, and secretly created a scrapbook with the cards and included pictures from their trips together.
It’s amazing to me how much thought Scott must have put into doing this for Corey’s gift – how much time and energy he spent creating something that would memorialize their relationship. […]

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Abby+Jake Wedding Trailer

Ceremony & Reception Location: Arizona Biltmore // Phoenix, AZ
Coordinator: Victoria Canada Weddings & Events
Photographer: Elyse Hall Photography
Music & Entertainment: Bonnie Foster Productions
Song: “I Knew (When I First Saw You)” by Landon Austin licensed through the music bed

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Lauren+Travis Wedding Trailer

To me, there are two moments that really come to mind when I remember capturing Lauren & Travis’ wedding:

The first was prior to their ceremony when the Lauren & her bridesmaids were getting ready. I noticed that the bridesmaids were in the other room writing on separate pages acting a bit secretive. When I asked them what they were doing, they said they were each writing Lauren some special words of encouragement for her wedding day. They said the written word was really important to Lauren and that’s how […]

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Katherine+Danny Wedding Trailer

Danny’s vows are some of my favorite ever. I love when he says “I want a commitment of more than just words, I want a pinky swear.” And then proceeds to grab Katherine’s hand and say the rest of his vows while doing a pinky swear…seriously, amazing.

And of course how could you not fall in love with their sweet daughter?!?! She was the highlight of their wedding for me. What a blessed girl she is to have parents so in love.

Katherine & Danny remind me of the incredible power […]

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Mirah+Govind Same Day Edit

What an incredible weekend with such a fun and loving couple! These two are always smiling, especially when they are together. It is beautiful to see two people so in love and excited about their future.
I think my favorite part of the weekend was right after their first look when Mirah & Govind’s dog Lola arrived. She has to be one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever met, and I loved seeing them together on such an important day. Lola wasn’t able to stay all day, but those […]

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Haley+Derek Wedding Trailer

For Haley & Derek’s wedding, we were asked to not only capture their wedding day but also their rehearsal dinner. This provided us extra time to get to know the people most important to them. There were quite a few toasts given that night, and the stories and words shared were incredibly heartfelt. I’m almost embarrassed to admit this, but during these toasts I was so overcome by emotion it was almost difficult to shoot. Then I glanced over at Rachael, their coordinator, and she as much of a […]

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Christine+Brett Wedding Trailer

It’s so beautiful when love happens unexpectedly – when two very different people meet and end up falling for each other. Christine and Brett met when they were both interns at the same company, and as they moved into their careers, they slowly began pursuing each other.
When first talking to Christine on the phone, she told me Brett was unlike any guy she had ever dated before – and it was a big part of why she fell in love with him. These two couldn’t be more […]

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Sara+Roscoe Wedding Trailer

Honestly I don’t even know where to begin…I feel such a deep connection to this couple even though they basically live on the other side of the world from us. Sara is from the United States, but several years ago went to live in Amsterdam for work. And that is where Sara & Roscoe’s love story began… Sara wasn’t even sure she wanted to stay in Amsterdam, but when she fell in love with Roscoe, she decided home was wherever he was….and she would make her home in Amsterdam.

We […]

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Nicole+Derek Trailer

One of my favorite moments at Nicole and Derek’s wedding was their first dance – but not necessarily when they danced at the reception – although that was beautiful too. It was during their photo time together after the ceremony. Todd wanted to capture some steadicam shots of them together and they asked if they could also practice for their first dance (of course we said yes!). There was something about the magic of the light, and the way they danced that I believe it’s some of the most […]

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Jessica+Nathan Wedding Trailer

Jessica and Nathan share the type of story that not only am I honored to share, but I feel a responsibility to share it well.
Before meeting Jessica and Nathan, I stumbled upon their wedding website and fell in love with these two right away. Nathan wrote about how he met Jessica for the first time. His mentor had arranged a community-wide fundraiser to help Nathan offset the cost of medical school, as he had just finished his first year. Jessica’s family was attending the event and as they met, […]

Jessica+Nathan Wedding Trailer2018-09-17T12:14:49+00:00
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