We had a blast creating these fun short segments to promote a new series for Sun Valley Community Church in Gilbert, AZ. It started with just an idea to create a series of videos that would highlight some first world problems. We loved this idea and from that wrote a script/outline and hired comedic actors for the shoot.

Through some referrals, we reached out to the amazing people at Dearing Acting Studio (dearingstudio.com) and they helped connect us with Shapel Lacey and Noelle Coover.

Noelle & Shapel truly brought our concept to life, and it was fun experimenting with them different ways to make each segment funnier and funnier. I felt bad asking Noelle to drop a phone on her face over and over, but she didn’t mind at all and happily obliged. 😉

The deadline for these videos was really tight. So the day I was editing everything together, at the last minute I decided what would really help everything flow together would be a voiceover from someone with a British accent. So I searched and searched and found the most perfect voice – Toby Ricketts (tobyrickettsvoiceover.com). I reached out to him and he told me he was available and could absolutely turn around the voice over in my tight time frame – which was literally 1 hour.

Not only did he get me the voice over quickly, but his read was even better than I could have expected! I couldn’t be happier with what Toby provided me and I will definitely be reaching out to him in the future.

I love how so many elements came together to create this fun series of videos for Sun Valley. After this experience, I’ve decided comedy is hard. It takes a lot of time and thought to create videos that make people laugh, and we sure hope we accomplished that in these short segments.
– Krisanna

Actors: Noelle Coover & Shapel Lacey from Dearing Acting Studio

Voice Over: Toby Ricketts tobyrickettsvoiceover.com/

Music: “Playing Footsy” by Brightside Studio – licensed through premiumbeat.com

Sun Valley Community Church: sunvalleycc.com


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