WebFronts Review

There’s nothing better than partnering with a company for so long you are as invested in their success as they are. That’s the story behind our relationship with Retailer Web Services (RWS).

Jennie Gilbert & Jim Kane are the dynamic brother/sister duo behind RWS. We captured Jennie’s wedding several years ago, and since then we have had the honor of working together in creating captivating videos for their company.

RWS creates powerful and effective technology for independent retailers. Their technology gives small business retailers who own and operate appliance, furniture, & mattress stores the ability to compete with the big box stores. And not only do they create the technology, they truly care about their clients, build relationships with them, and work hard to develop new tools which allow them to stay ahead of their competition.

RWS recently created a new tool called WebFronts Review™ which allows business owners to see all of their reviews in one place. More than that, they can also respond to the reviews, ask for a review, or share a review within the same platform. It’s truly remarkable, so when they asked us to create some videos to highlight this new software, we couldn’t have been more excited.

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We sat down with Jennie and after listening to the goals for these videos and determined the best approach for each one. We decided the first video should be all motion graphics with voiceover and music, and we collaborated with Jennie in writing the script. For the second video, we decided it’d be great to hear from Erik Qualman, a digital marketing expert, as well as current RWS clients who are excited about the release of WebFronts Review™.

I think together these videos do a great job of showcasing why WebFronts Review™ is so important and how it helps these independent retailers manage their online reputation.

– Krisanna Mowen

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