2016 holiday videos

It is October. Which means it is almost November. Which also means it is practically the end of the year. Hard to believe, right? 2016 is quickly coming to an end.

With the end in sight, now is the time to begin planning your 2016 holiday video!

Holiday videos are a great way to say ‘Thank You’, celebrate what happened in the past year, and show love to your team, customers, investors, etc.

To help you prepare for the end of the year, we have compiled a list of holiday video ideas to jumpstart your brainstorming.

1. Happy Holidays

The ‘Happy Holidays’ greeting is the most common type of company holiday video card, wishing viewers good wishes from the team.

2. Thank You

A simple thank you can go a long way! Whether it is simply you on camera saying Thank You or your team creatively saying Thank You, like the below, ending 2016 on a note of gratitude will help your team and clients feel valued. We had a great time creating this video for CCMC last year.

3. 2016 Celebration

What gets celebrated gets repeated. Celebrating the successes of 2016 is a great way to encourage your team and clients, and will kick-start 2017 for you as well!

4. Team Building Exercises

Team growth is important, and so is having fun. Bring these two elements together and capture it on camera! End 2016 with a team activity that encourages both team growth and fun, with a holiday spin, and share a video of it with your team and clients. This will provide a fun way to build trust with your clients, as it shows them you value team, growth and a positive working environment.

5. Music Video Mashups

This is a great way to have fun with your team. Pick out a handful of songs that your team loves, change up the lyrics, and record a music video mashup of your team performing these different songs!

Interested in creating a video for this 2016 holiday season? We would love to help! Contact us today at hello@sulastudios.com.