Jamie & Jeremy’s wedding is one I’ll always remember. I instantly fell in love with both of their dogs, who by the way they flew in all the way from Canada (where they are from). These two are obviously animal-lovers, but they are also lovers of life, and completely in love with each other.
As we got to know them, they shared of the struggles and hardships they have been through together, and how it has only made them grow closer and their relationship stronger. To me, THAT is what love is all about. I also loved that so many family and friends flew in for the wedding – it was amazing to see the incredible community of love that surrounded these two.
We couldn’t be more grateful to Matt Nathanson for telling this sweet couple about us. In our opinion, Matt is the best in the business. He is tireless in his efforts to get to know each couple, and the words he shared a Jamie & Jeremy’s wedding ceremony gave all of us a beautiful picture of their love story. Matt truly makes each couple’s ceremony a memorable experience for the couple and their guests.
On a side note, right after Jamie and Jeremy’s wedding, the found out they had won a house! Seriously, a brand new fully-furnished home in Canada. And it made me beyond happy to see two people so deserving not only be married, but be given an amazing start to their married life.

Location: Ashley Castle // Chandler AZ
Song: “Love is Big Enough” by Holley Maher licensed through the music bed