When Todd and I arrived at the Camelback Inn for Mackenzie and Kevin’s wedding, we noticed several guests standing and staring up into some trees on property. We also heard the loud chirping of birds, and walked over with our gear to see what had everyone so intrigued.
As we looked up, we saw hundreds of the most beautiful lovebirds throughout the trees’ branches. We immediately began filming and Todd captured two lovebirds that seemed completely in love with one another. I couldn’t help but think about Mackenzie and Kevin, and how these birds were the perfect way to intro the story of their love. I have never before seen birds like that in Arizona, and I wonder if it was fate that brought them there on Mackenzie & Kevin’s wedding day (although I’m sure it is simply a part of their natural migration).
Either way it was amazing.
I loved every minute of Mackenzie and Kevin’s wedding – these two have some of the most supportive family and friends, it was beautiful to witness their love being celebrated.

Location: JW Marriot Camelback Inn // Scottsdale, AZ
DJ: Dave with Desert House Productions
Photographer: Jason & Anna Photography
Coordinator: Danielle with Outstanding Occasions