One of my favorite moments at Nicole and Derek’s wedding was their first dance – but not necessarily when they danced at the reception – although that was beautiful too. It was during their photo time together after the ceremony. Todd wanted to capture some steadicam shots of them together and they asked if they could also practice for their first dance (of course we said yes!). There was something about the magic of the light, and the way they danced that I believe it’s some of the most beautiful footage I think we’ve ever captured.

The other highlight for me was the band that played during their reception: The Main Squeeze. Holy crap they were good. From what I understand, Derek had helped them out during a kickstarter campaign and asked if they could make a detour while on tour to play at his wedding. Let’s just say these guys are not your typical wedding band, and they absolutely rocked the night.

We also couldn’t be more thankful to Jennifer with Imoni events for telling this sweet couple about us and having the opportunity to capture their wedding.

Location: Silverleaf Club // Scottsdale, AZ
Coordinator: Jennifer with Imoni Events
Song: “Close Your Eyes” by Silver Trees // licensed through the music bed