One of the things we are always striving for as storytellers is authenticity. And the thing I love most about Brooke and Lucas is how real they are together. From how they interact, to the way they spoke to each other during their vows, these two are about as real as it gets. And it made their wedding day that much more special. You could tell they didn’t feel they had anything to prove to each other. They love the other as they are, completely.

One of my favorite moments on their wedding was when Brooke spoke these words to Lucas during their vows: “You have shown me what it means to love an imperfect person perfectly.” So powerful…

Their wedding also brought together some of my favorite people – Brushfire Photography, Matt Nathanson and Ashley Gain Weddings & Events. Seriously, I am still in awe of the space that Ashley created for their ceremony and reception. It was breathtaking – and a perfect reflection of such a sweet couple.

Location: The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess // Scottsdale, AZ
Coordinator: Ashley Gain Weddings & Events
Photographer: Brushfire Photography
Officiant: Matt T. Nathanson
Song: “Tonight” by Secret Nation licensed through the music bed

On a side note, Lucas is also one of the owners of an awesome Crossfit gym in Tempe, AZ. Check them out!: