Honestly I don’t even know where to begin…I feel such a deep connection to this couple even though they basically live on the other side of the world from us. Sara is from the United States, but several years ago went to live in Amsterdam for work. And that is where Sara & Roscoe’s love story began… Sara wasn’t even sure she wanted to stay in Amsterdam, but when she fell in love with Roscoe, she decided home was wherever he was….and she would make her home in Amsterdam.

We did several Skype chats with Sara as she was planning this destination wedding, and we loved getting to know her and learning about her life with Roscoe and his two boys. So the day of the wedding, Todd and I felt an incredible connection with Sara and Roscoe – as though they were dear friends we hadn’t seen in years.

One of the coolest moments in their wedding day didn’t make it into the Trailer, but it was when Sara spoke to Roscoe’s boys in Dutch during their vows. You see, Roscoe’s boys only understand a little bit of English, and so Sara wrote some vows she said directly to the boys in Dutch. I honestly don’t really know what she said to them, but you could by the way they looked at her when she spoke that it was pure love.

Ceremony+Reception: El Chorro // Paradise Valley, AZ
Coordinator: Samantha with Imoni Events
Song: “Endless” by Marie Hines // licensed through the music bed