There are so many moments I LOVED at Angela & Alan’s wedding…one that comes to mind is how much laughter there was between Angela and her bridesmaids. I honestly had some trouble capturing it all because of how much I was laughing too.
There was also a moment that happened before the ceremony (at 1:27) that makes me laugh every time I see it. Let’s just say I think this kid may be onto something – edible wedding programs???
More than anything else, I loved getting to know this couple and their sweet story. They met at optometry school, but most of their relationship had to be long-distance. And so when they were together on their wedding day, you could sense how excited they were…just to be together.
We also had a blast with the awesome and beautiful people who made this wedding happen. Victoria Canada and her team rocked the details and made sure the day went incredibly smooth. Victoria even came up with some design elements that were simply brilliant that really played on the fact that Angela and Alan are both in the optometry field.
And of course, we always love working with Nick and Sarah with Hagerty Photography. I think we literally laughed all day, and it was so fun working with artists as talented as these two. OH, and this was the first time I was able to see Nick and Sarah’s “Hip Booth” in action. Definitely the coolest photo booth I’ve ever seen at a wedding.

Ceremony & Reception: Montelucia // Scottsdale AZ
Coordinator: Victoria Canada Weddings & Events
Photographer: Hagerty Photography
Photo Booth:
Song: “A Million Years” by Johnny Stimson licensed through the music bed