Mortgage Broker vs Bank

“We created Stewardship to take a stand against financial injustice—to be a group of companies that can educate and guide people through mortgages, insurance, financial planning, and investments.” – Grant Botma, Stewardship

The above statement from Grant is a prime reason for why we love working alongside Stewardship. They genuinely care about their customers and desire the best possible outcome for their clients.

When Grant came to us with the idea of creating a video that would explain the difference between working with a mortgage broker vs. a bank, we were excited about the challenge and decided to highlight the three top differences below:

  • An easier loan process
  • More loan options
  • Lowest rates and fees possible

This informative and engaging video is part of an overall marketing strategy Stewardship is building using content marketing, social media marketing, and digital advertisements.

Click below to see the video used in a recent blog post Stewardship published:

Thank you, Stewardship, for the opportunity to help with this project. We love working with you!

If you have any marketing strategies or videos in mind – we would love to help you think through the best approach to video for those! Contact us today at

– Justin Farrell