Danny’s vows are some of my favorite ever. I love when he says “I want a commitment of more than just words, I want a pinky swear.” And then proceeds to grab Katherine’s hand and say the rest of his vows while doing a pinky swear…seriously, amazing.

And of course how could you not fall in love with their sweet daughter?!?! She was the highlight of their wedding for me. What a blessed girl she is to have parents so in love.

Katherine & Danny remind me of the incredible power of love. Even though I was at their wedding capturing this footage, I still get emotional every time I watch their trailer. They are raw and authentic and uncensored – in the best possible way.

My favorite moment at their wedding is the shot we captured at the very end. They were doing a farewell dance and at the end of the song everyone on the dance floor gathered together for a massive group hug. It was a beautiful way to begin a life together – surrounded by the people you love the most.

Location: Windmill Winery // Florence, AZ
Song: “When I’m With You” feat. Marie Hines by Analog Heart licensed through the music bed