Kim & West’s wedding couldn’t have come at a better time for us. We were well into shooting fall weddings in Phoenix, but the weather was still pretty hot. So when Kim emailed us a month before her wedding and told us she wanted us to go up to Flagstaff to capture it, we were thrilled at the chance to escape the heat and work in the beautiful forest!

There are so many things I love about this wedding:
First – their first look…you guys, it was at a train station! And right as we were all about to leave, we heard a train approaching and quickly set up for some sweet shots. It was awesome.
Secondly, I LOVED how remote their wedding was. Kim told us all they had to do was pay for a permit, pick a spot in the forest with a nice view, and their coordinator brought everything needed for the ceremony and reception. In fact it was so remote, we nearly got lost twice while driving on the dirt road to the location. But it was so worth it!
Lastly – I can’t get over how well the time lapse shot at the end turned out. Typically it’s too bright to capture night time lapse shots due to city lights, but since we were in the middle of nowhere, the light was perfect. love love love

We really appreciate Mike Olbinski telling this sweet couple about us. This was our first time working with him, and man is he brilliant! I’ve followed his time lapse work for several years, so it was almost like working with a famous person. 😉

Location: Flagstaff, AZ
Song: “Jade” by Aaron Krause licensed through the music bed
Photographer: Mike Olbinski
Coordinator: Celebrations Event Planning Studio