video on my website?

Video is a powerful tool. And the truth is, if you currently do not have video on your website, you need it on your website immediately, like yesterday.

Text content is what the Internet was originally built on, and it used to be sufficient. However, the Internet and culture of the Internet has changed.

People now want quick. They want engaging. They want visually stimulating.

They don’t want long pages of black text on a white background.

Video accomplishes these needs.

Video has the ability to keep users engaged and share information is a very quick manner. It has the ability to show your brand personality, and allow the user to experience your product or service in action.

Mobile has also greatly impacted the need for video on your website. In 2016, at least 50% of video views will happen on a mobile device. (via Points Group) Smaller devices have increased the importance of video. Users do not want to read text on their small 4” screen, but rather, spend the time watching a video.

Next time you are at a coffee shop, take a moment to sit back and watch those around you. It amazes me the amount of people I see watching video on their smartphone (for long periods of time).

If you don’t currently have video on your website, begin considering it. Think about telling your brand story. Think about showcasing your products or services. Share customer testimonials.

The opportunities are endless.

And taking the steps to add video will greatly impact the effectiveness of your digital marketing.

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– Justin Farrell

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