I love watching these two dance – they are so good! It’s part of how their relationship first blossomed, and you can tell they are so happy whenever they are “dancing cheek to cheek.”
We had so much fun with Robynne & Sean on their wedding day. They really wanted to show the things they love to do together, and so we visited their favorite bookstore and coffee shop in between the ceremony and reception. Working alongside the always wonderful Courtney Sargent (their photographer), we had so much fun capturing these two in their element – laughing, reading, and drinking coffee together.
Ceremony: Brophy Chapel // Phoenix, AZ
Bookstore: Changing Hands Bookstore // Phoenix, AZ
Coffee shop: Echo Coffee // Scottsdale, AZ
Reception: The Venue // Scottsdale, AZ
Photographer: Courtney Sargent
DJ: Desert House Productions
Song: “More Than Friends” by The Likes of Us – licensed through the music bed