Tears, laughter, and so much fun – that’s what I think about when I recall Nikki & Trevor’s wedding day. As you’ll see in the trailer, when these two are together, they are completely comfortable. It’s almost as though they’ve been married for years. Even during their first look, it was as if they completely lost themselves in the moment and forgot that any of us were there. I especially loved that Trevor gave Nikki a “Happy Anniversary” card for their wedding. It was hilarious – but so them.
Nikki is the oldest in a family with three brothers, and watching her brothers and her interact throughout the day was awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun capturing footage of family photos. Nikki is also a “daddy’s girl.” One moment we didn’t show in the trailer is a first look she had with her dad right before her first look with Trevor. They both were overcome with emotion; crying right when they saw each other, and it was one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever witnessed.
We also had the privilege of working with Courtney Sargent Photography for the first time – and we are now huge fans. She is so talented and easy to work with – and I love the way she captures raw emotion. Especially during the first look, when many photographers may have interrupted the couple because of how long they spent together – she just let them be. And it was beautiful.

Location: Fairmont Scottsdale Princess // Scottsdale, AZ
Photographer: Courtney Sargent
Coordinator: Andrea Leslie Weddings & Events
Song: “Found a Heart” by Emily Hearn licensed through The Music Bed