Allison & Brandon’s relationship involved a lot of waiting. As Allison’s dad said in his speech to them at the reception, they met when Allison was 14 and Brandon was 16 – and he had to wait for her to turn 15 to date her. Then when Brandon left for college, he had to wait two years before Allison graduated high school to join him at UofA. Then when Brandon graduated college, Allison still had 2 years left – so they continued to wait for one another.
It amazes me to see two people who fell in love so young, who have matured together and gone through so much together. They share a love well beyond their years – and on their wedding, you could sense that all of the waiting was well worth it.

Ceremony & Reception Location: Sassi // Scottsdale, AZ
Photographer: Image Industry
Music: “Fireflies” by Marie Hines licensed through the music bed