One of the things we love most about living in Arizona are the beautiful hiking trails only a short drive from our home. So a few weeks ago after recently purchasing two Sony A7s II cameras, we decided to hike the Peralta trail at the Superstition Mountains and of course had to test out the new gear. When we reached the saddle overlooking Weaver’s needle, we took a break from the heat and rested in the shade for a bit. After a while, we noticed this cute guy, whom I call Buddy the Squirrel, slowly coming closer and closer to us and eventually ended up right at our feet.

Realizing we were guests in his home, we decided to share some of our granola bar him and eventually pulled out the Sony A7s to capture this 4K close up (don’t worry, the granola bar was organic and gluten free!).

It was fun making a new friend and getting to capture some 4K footage while testing out the color profile Sony S-log3 (picture profile 8).

Side note: The Sony A7s II’s didn’t perform so well in the AZ heat, and we repeatedly had issues with the metabones mark 4 Sony to Canon mount, so we ended up returning them.