Kim+Lee Wedding Trailer

Kim & Lee’s wedding was an absolute blast – not only because of how awesome these two are, but also because they decided to have a Star Wars themed wedding! I grew up watching Star Wars as my dad was a huge fan (which meant I also became a huge fan), and so when Kim emailed me and told me the theme, I was thrilled.
Their wedding was over Halloween weekend, so guests were given the option of dressing up and it made for one incredibly fun day. I love […]

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Katalina+Hal Wedding Trailer

Location: Boojum Tree // Phoenix, AZ
Song: “Ascension” by Jordan Critz licensed through the music bed

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Lindsay+James Wedding Trailer

Location: Royal Palms Resort & Spa // Scottsdale, AZ
Coordinator: Suzanne Taussig Wedding & Event Design
Photographer: Ruby Ridout Photography
Song: “Gold” by Marie Hines, licensed through the music bed

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Lauren+Travis Wedding Trailer

To me, there are two moments that really come to mind when I remember capturing Lauren & Travis’ wedding:

The first was prior to their ceremony when the Lauren & her bridesmaids were getting ready. I noticed that the bridesmaids were in the other room writing on separate pages acting a bit secretive. When I asked them what they were doing, they said they were each writing Lauren some special words of encouragement for her wedding day. They said the written word was really important to Lauren and that’s how […]

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Katherine+Danny Wedding Trailer

Danny’s vows are some of my favorite ever. I love when he says “I want a commitment of more than just words, I want a pinky swear.” And then proceeds to grab Katherine’s hand and say the rest of his vows while doing a pinky swear…seriously, amazing.

And of course how could you not fall in love with their sweet daughter?!?! She was the highlight of their wedding for me. What a blessed girl she is to have parents so in love.

Katherine & Danny remind me of the incredible power […]

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Kim+West Wedding Trailer

Kim & West’s wedding couldn’t have come at a better time for us. We were well into shooting fall weddings in Phoenix, but the weather was still pretty hot. So when Kim emailed us a month before her wedding and told us she wanted us to go up to Flagstaff to capture it, we were thrilled at the chance to escape the heat and work in the beautiful forest!

There are so many things I love about this wedding:
First – their first look…you guys, it was at a train […]

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Nicole+Kevin Wedding Trailer

Ceremony/Reception Location: The Phoenician // Scottsdale, AZ
Coordinator: BTS Event Management
Song: “Something Beautiful” by Tim Halperin licensed through the music bed

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Elizabeth+Alexander Wedding Trailer

At the end of 2013 we had the opportunity to capture the wedding of Jennifer & Nick and get to know their sweet family. Then earlier this year, we heard from Jennifer’s twin sister Elizabeth who was planning her destination wedding in Kent, CT.
When we met with Elizabeth and Alexander, they shared with us how much they loved our work capturing Jennifer & Nick’s wedding, and they really wanted us to travel to CT to capture theirs as well. As we sat and talked, they told us all about their love for Kent, CT. They shared about their ceremony, and how it would be held at the small chapel located at Kent School where Alexander attended school as […]

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Robynne+Sean Wedding Trailer

I love watching these two dance – they are so good! It’s part of how their relationship first blossomed, and you can tell they are so happy whenever they are “dancing cheek to cheek.”
We had so much fun with Robynne & Sean on their wedding day. They really wanted to show the things they love to do together, and so we visited their favorite bookstore and coffee shop in between the ceremony and reception. Working alongside the always wonderful Courtney Sargent (their photographer), we had so much fun capturing these two in their element – laughing, reading, and drinking coffee together.
Ceremony: Brophy Chapel // Phoenix, AZ
Bookstore: Changing Hands Bookstore // Phoenix, AZ
Coffee shop: Echo Coffee // Scottsdale, […]

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Annie+Michael Wedding Trailer

We loved capturing this sweet summer wedding, especially as we were able to get out of the heat in Phoenix to visit one of our favorite places in Arizona: Sedona.
During their first look, I loved when Michael said to Annie: “I’m so lucky that you’re going to be mine.” It reminded me of a quote I once heard that said: “A good marriage is where both people feel like they’re getting the better end of the deal.”
And I think both Annie and Michael truly believed that….
I also LOVED that they had games out during cocktail hour like a jumbo jenga and cornhole. Such a fun way for their guests to relax and enjoy each other – plus […]

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