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I’ve been producing videos since I was 16 – no joke. I was privileged to go to a high school where they had an amazing media production program, with arguably the best teacher too. Ken Keene was the sort of teacher that made each student believe they were capable of doing great things. He is an artist at heart and taught us how to focus on our work as if we were artists creating a masterpiece.

After my first class with Mr. Keene, I was hooked and ended up taking every media production class available. At some point, Mr. Keene encouraged me to enter two national film competitions. When I won first place at […]

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Best Marriage Proposal of 2015 – Jennifer & Dean’s Wedding Trailer

Jennifer & Dean share a love story that has literally gone viral. And I don’t mean that in a metaphorical sense. Dean knew very early into dating Jennifer that he wanted to marry her. But in talking with her, he knew she needed more time, and he also knew how much she loved countdowns. She literally had a countdown on her phone for most major events in her life.
So he put those two things together and spent the next 365 days secretly proposing to her by recording a few-second […]

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Jamie+Jeremy Wedding Trailer – An Ashley Castle Wedding

Jamie & Jeremy’s wedding is one I’ll always remember. I instantly fell in love with both of their dogs, who by the way they flew in all the way from Canada (where they are from). These two are obviously animal-lovers, but they are also lovers of life, and completely in love with each other.
As we got to know them, they shared of the struggles and hardships they have been through together, and how it has only made them grow closer and their relationship stronger. To me, THAT is […]

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Carol+Josh Wedding Trailer – Desert Foothills Wedding

Carol and Josh’s love story is far from typical. Their families met while travelling abroad – as Josh is from Australia and Carol is from the United States. Years later they reconnected as adults at Carol’s sister’s wedding, and they didn’t let distance or the fact that they lived thousands of miles apart keep them from falling in love. And after some time Carol decided to move to Australia to be with Josh – a testament to the true depth of their love.
Because Carol’s family lives in Scottsdale, they […]

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Stephanie+Brandt Wedding Trailer

Location: Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia // Scottsdale, AZ
Wedding Planner:: Amy Mancuso Events
Entertainment: The JJ’s Band

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Anne+Brian Wedding Trailer

From first time meeting Anne and Brian, we knew their wedding day was going to be the bomb dot com. They have the best sense of humor (which Todd and I found it quite similar to our own sense of humor) so we pretty much constantly kept each other laughing.

And these two seriously know how to have a good time – I mean c’mon, they met in Vegas. And they are both amazing dancers. I suppose it may be partly because Anne is also a Zumba instructor, but I […]

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Mackenzie+Kevin Wedding Trailer

When Todd and I arrived at the Camelback Inn for Mackenzie and Kevin’s wedding, we noticed several guests standing and staring up into some trees on property. We also heard the loud chirping of birds, and walked over with our gear to see what had everyone so intrigued.
As we looked up, we saw hundreds of the most beautiful lovebirds throughout the trees’ branches. We immediately began filming and Todd captured two lovebirds that seemed completely in love with one another. I couldn’t help but think about Mackenzie […]

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Corey+Scott Wedding Trailer

I love the gift Scott gave Corey on their wedding day. Corey had collected all of the cards Scott had ever given to her, and somehow Scott found her secret stash. He stole them (without her knowing) prior to the wedding, and secretly created a scrapbook with the cards and included pictures from their trips together.
It’s amazing to me how much thought Scott must have put into doing this for Corey’s gift – how much time and energy he spent creating something that would memorialize their relationship. […]

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Allison+Brandon Wedding Trailer

Allison & Brandon’s relationship involved a lot of waiting. As Allison’s dad said in his speech to them at the reception, they met when Allison was 14 and Brandon was 16 – and he had to wait for her to turn 15 to date her. Then when Brandon left for college, he had to wait two years before Allison graduated high school to join him at UofA. Then when Brandon graduated college, Allison still had 2 years left – so they continued to wait for one another.
It amazes […]

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Abby+Jake Wedding Trailer

Ceremony & Reception Location: Arizona Biltmore // Phoenix, AZ
Coordinator: Victoria Canada Weddings & Events
Photographer: Elyse Hall Photography
Music & Entertainment: Bonnie Foster Productions
Song: “I Knew (When I First Saw You)” by Landon Austin licensed through the music bed

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